How long can Boosh stay in my freezer?

Boosh is safe to heat and eat for up to 6 months after being frozen, but for the best tasting dishes we advise eating it before anything reaches 3 months.

How long does Boosh stay fresh in fridge?

Boosh can be refrigerated for up to 5 days.

I do not have any food allergies and I like wheat and dairy. Will this food satisfy me?

The recipes were developed to be naturally dairy/wheat free so you will not miss them a bit. However, if you’re in the food mood for cheese then go ahead and add a bit of cheddar or feta...have at ‘er! Or have some bread with it. Boosh dishes are designed to be mixed and maxed and for you to customize at home (if you want). Remember, if it feels good do it!

Is it safe for celiac?

Yes. Boosh is cooked in a gluten free facility. Our founder has extreme sensitivity to gluten which is in part why Boosh was developed.

I have a milk allergy. Are you certain there is no dairy?

Boosh is made without any dairy products in a kitchen free of dairy. No moo for you.

Is the packaging recyclable or compostable?

The packaging is recyclable while the tray is compostable. 

We are constantly striving to ensure freshness while considering our carbon footprint and striving for the greenest solution possible.